You lookin' at me???

Definitely trick. Tricks of the mind, that is.

I was so sure that today was my blogiversary. Until this afternoon, when I realized, gee, did I really start blogging on Halloween? Surely I woulda remembered that? Yep, I woulda. My blogiversary was actually 10/25, almost a week ago. Hahaha!

A lot has happened in the last year. A year ago, Scott and I were unemployed, just married, and just back from our honeymoon in Atlantic Canada where I learned to spin. (And yes, I did mean to do a spinnaversary post. Maybe tomorrow!). Today, we're employed minutes from home, still married and in love, and expecting:

14 weeks 5 days
14 weeks 5 days

(Woah, nelly, I look so much more pregnant from the outside than when I look down!)

It was easier to blog when I was jobless.

I started blogging to give back to the knitblogging community, to share my projects, and to share the love. I loved seeing what other people were working on, and learning from their tips, successes and mistakes. I found inspiration in their choice of projects and yarns, color combinations, pattern modifications; seeing them make things I never could, never would, never would have thought to, would have wished to. When teaching some coworkers to knit, I enjoyed bringing in my projects to inspire or encourage them, things they could knit with what they knew. I wanted to do the same for other knitters. Give back what I had been getting.

Of course, I didn't realize that spinning would quickly take center stage. I might have picked a different blog name if I did. :)

In the last year most of my fiber arts growth has been on the fiber end. Learning to spin, learning to dye, getting my first wheel, and then second (hehe), buying and processing my first fleece, getting my carder. In the next year I hope to play more with color and fiber blending in spinning. But with a child on the way, I suppose I'll be lucky to have the time and energy to keep doing what I've been doing. Life is changing.

I've met a lot of great people through this blog. And I'm so glad to have become part of a wonderful community. Thank you for reading, and celebrating, commiserating, encouraging and laughing with me.