I'm cracking up that hpny thought the whole Morehouse haul was mine. Ha! As IF! I mean... ahem, let's not talk about the box of Debbie Bliss yarn that arrived shortly before Rhinebeck. (Curses, Little Knits, and your irresistable sales!)

Spaazlicious, Cheryl, PumpkinMama and Kate know my habits well. My Morehouse stash was lower right. Photos tomorrow.

So. Rhinebeck Actual.

My compadres got the idea from past visits to get there early. And each time we talked about it, the earlier that time got.

I'm so not a morning person. Regardless, I got up at 6 am after staying up waaaay too late chatting and spinning. 6 am, people! We were out of the house shortly after 7 and arrived in Rhinebeck around 8.

The festival starts at 10.


We had a delightful breakfast in town (croissant and hot chocolate, yummers), and were on the festival grounds shortly after 8:30.

Oh, did I mention the festival starts at 10?

At Rhinebeck At Rhinebeck

The grounds were quiet, non-frenzied, peaceful. The weather was gorgeous: blue skies, glorious foliage, crisp air perfect for shawl-a-wearing. And despite trepidations on the how, I wore the shawl. You betcha.

At Rhinebeck

Some vendors were still getting set up, but most were ready, so we started browsing and shopping. First purchase: Little Barn. 8 oz bombyx silk and 1 lb merino/silk. Damned budget.

At Rhinebeck

Anne dropped off her gorgeous casino shawl at the Briar Rose booth. Her photos cannot do it justice -- the marriage of pattern, rich color, tencel sheen and drape -- she's lucky she got it back.

Becky mentioned she wanted to see the fabled Socks That Rock, so off to The Fold we went. We were there at 10; the booth was packed, the line already an hour long. We bailed.

At Rhinebeck

I drooled at the Skaska booth. Soft and luxurious laceweight yarns in every fiber combination you could ever desire. I wanted to pet, gaze, admire, and study so I could spin my own. I wanted to purchase a skein so I could pet, gaze, admire and study it at home. Damned budget!

At Rhinebeck

As we headed back to the other side of the festival, we realized we had no way to get in touch with Anne and Annette, who were probably with Anne's mom and cousin. I had Becky's cell number, and she had mine, but we were together. I had Anne's number, but she had no signal. Becky and I didn't have Annette's number. Tactical error.

So Becky and I wandered and had fun and before long, I had spent the rest of my budget. A little Crosspatch Creations at Carolina Homespun, some blended rovings at A Touch of Twist and more handdyed merino/silk at Cloverleaf Farm

At Rhinebeck

At Cloverleaf Farm, Joan (I think that's her name) slowly approached me and looked at my Falling Leaves shawl. She recognized her colors, but not her yarn. I explained how I had purchased 2 colorways from her at MDSW and plied them together and she was absoluately delighted to see her handdyed fiber in a project!

The Blogger Meetup

Hoo boy. It was a zoo. I was a bad blogger. The one photo I did take:

At Rhinebeck
Anne, Stephanie aka The Yarn Harlot, and me

Hey Sis, that's for you!

All those virtual hugs from last week transformed into actual hugs and it was truly wonderful. I was delighted to meet so many people I've been emailing, who have been commenting on my blog or whose blog I've been reading, or both. I was moved to receive so many heartful congratulations and well wishes on the little goober I'm cooking up. Thank you!

Budget spent, group reunited, and with Anne having hardly looked at anything fiber related while showing her family a good time, I found my mission: Get the girl some fiber -- Quick! It was whirlwind, it was focused, it was enabling at its best. We hit all the choice spots of the day in rapid succession and her bags quickly grew. Mission: Accomplished!

At Rhinebeck

I called Scott to let him know I had spent, but not exceeded, my budget. And what did he say? Well, first he laughed. Then he said, "Let me know if you see something special. I have some money in my budget if you need it." What a sweetie. I was a little sad about not being able to buy more, but I was also determined to stay within budget. A point of personal pride, y'know? Proving I can do it! But still, a little sad.


Lordy lordy, that Carole sure knows how to throw a party. I was exhausted, but you couldn't have dragged me away. I enjoyed some wonderful conversations and drank way too much -- cider, of course. Words can't convey.

Back at the house we spread out our haul. And it was large. We admired. And pulled out wheels to play. I calculated how close to my budget I actually got. After 20 minutes of confusion, I realized I had $26.96 left! Elation!

Next day it went to Foxhill Farm for 4 oz of gorgeous dyed cormo/alpaca. With $6.96 to spare. And I didn't spend it.


At Rhinebeck

Lazy day. Exhaustion. Everything between the knees and waist aching. Slow meandering through all the vendor halls. Random meetings of bloggers. Seeing Judy's beautiful dyed yarns:

At Rhinebeck

Talking about a wheel with Dave.

Reluctantly leaving. Instant withdrawal. Missing my compadres:

Our home at Rhinebeck


I came home to:

  • dinner ready and waiting (salmon, rice and broccoli)
  • a clean bathroom
  • bed sheets changed to soft jersey sheets, bed made
  • my mountainous piles of clothes on the dresser all folded

What a way to come home.