Ever since we got the house just under 3 years ago, we've been bringing in sandwich meat and bread to work and making sandwiches for lunch. At first, it was out of necessity (and felt like punishment). We got used to it. After a couple of years, when we had recovered from mortgage shock, we continued because we:

  • finally knew the cost of eating out and wanted to spend the money on other things
  • realized that making sandwiches meant smaller portions and fewer calories, usually of a healthier nature

Turkey sandwiches get boring after a while, even when interspersed with chicken. So some weeks I get pastrami and heat it up in the toaster oven. Yum!

This week I even brought in some cheddar jack cheese. My tastebuds have been in heaven.

I layer the pastrami on one piece of bread and the cheese on the other:

Pastrami sandwich

then toast for the regular amount of time. Add yellow mustard:

Pastrami sandwich

and mmmmmmm. Tasty.

Last week at the grocery store I picked up a jug of vinegar for dyeing. At the register, my mouth hung open when I saw the price: $2.79. For a jug of vinegar! Hell, no.

I had been thinking about getting citric acid crystals. I heard they were cheaper and allowed brighter colors, but couldn't find any locally the week before (and what a hunt it had been). So, I resorted to the Internet. And picked up a couple of 5 lb bags of citric acid at BulkFoods.com. Plus some spices and snacks. Their flat rate shipping (they call it a $5 "handling fee") made it worthwhile. But dang, we now have enough fajita, taco, and lemon pepper seasoning to last our lifetime.

Ordering was easy and delivery was quick. Wanna know what 5 lbs of citric acid looks like?

Citric Acid

It doesn't look like much, but it's heavy. 5 lbs heavy.

Next up: a better scale for weighing dyes and smaller amounts of yarn and fiber. I'm keen to start dyeing up some triads after my dyeing workshop. Some people like to mix dyes willy nilly to find the right color. I'd rather dye a spectrum beforehand and then pick and choose the ones I want. Potayto, potahto.