Geez, instead of working on my post I got carried away creating this:

Two Left Needles

Whaddaya think? Hey, I'm no graphic designer, but I can hook up your page to a database and make it dynamic. ;)

I'd like to make it my banner. All suggestions welcome! (I do plan to shift that last photo so that "dye" is not right on top of the white.)

Also, I've decided to sell some of my handspun stuffs! Just a few skeins to start. I should have photos and details tomorrow.

Sand River is written up and on its way to Kate. As my first pattern it took disproportionately long (the scarf is a fairly simple knit) because I had no idea what I was doing. I compared a bunch of different patterns and amalgamated them into some semblance of ... something. I suppose once you've done it once you have an idea of what information to include and how to organize it. Otherwise, I don't know how some people can crank out a pattern in a day!

Speaking of Anne, the starts of Sangria:

Sangria - in progress

Not a lot to see, but it's a start. Still loving the Classic Silk. And if any of you find it on sale, you best let me know. I don't want to hear about some Classic Silk sale somewhere that I missed because my buds were too busy hoarding it all! Just sayin'.

And that nameless rambouillet/silk shawl:

rambouillet/silk shawl - in progress

Yep, there's some subtle striping going on. I like it.

And, I'm surprised the pattern is not getting to me. I'm still enjoying this knit.