Seacoast Handpainted Yarns alpaca/wool in Ocean

This lovely Seacoast Handpainted Yarns dyed alpaca/wool yarn called out to me on eBay. There were mini bidding wars on most of her auctions (all in the last minutes, of course) and I lost several before I picked this one up. Right around the time I bought that CVM fleece. And some color cards. And some handdyed BFL. Hmm, eBay shopping spree...

When I opened the package, I reflexively whispered, "oooo, pretty". Always a good sign.

Just under 1000 yards, no plans yet. I resist urges to get more...


BFL from eBay

The BFL was a new vendor. I was drawn to the autumn colors and figured I'd try 4 oz.

My problem is not so much with the fiber (though it's not quite as soft as other BFL) as with the vendor: No Email. I didn't get a thank you for ordering or paying; no confirmation of payment or shipment. After almost a week (and my CVM fleece had been won, purchased and received with time to spare), I emailed and found out the vendor doesn't send emails and usually ships "within 3 business days".

Is it just me?

It seems that, in the age of internet shopping, where good service is increasingly rare and all the more appreciated, where uncouth opportunists think nothing of stealing your money and goodwill -- it seems to me that a simple email acknowledgement goes a long way to both show appreciation as well as reassure you that your PayPal funds didn't "disappear into the ether".

If you went to a yarn shop, had someone ring you up and send you on your way without so much as a "hello", "thank you" or "enjoy!", would you go back? That's what I'm saying.


Classic Elite Classic Silk

This yarn I bought without plans, to take advantage of a Fabric Place sale + coupon combo. It was the first time I gave in to such urges. I figured, no wool, neutral color, could become something for Scott, or maybe that black shawl my mom wanted.

Clearly, it was an inspired moment. Providence. My mom's shawl, of course, will be the ebony Zephyr. And the (Classic Elite) Classic Silk will become: Anne's Sangria! Yep, that cute flirty skirt is knit with, you guessed it, Classic Silk. And I get to test knit it!!

Anne's been raving about this yarn and I gotta tell you, she's right. It feels pretty good in the skein but it's pure delight while knitting. Delight! And did I mention it's got no wool? I would knit Scott a sweater with this yarn! I love it that much.

The swatch is done and I'm getting set to start the pattern, a slightly modified size small. Fun fun!

PS:  Don't worry, that's all the stash divulging I can handle at the moment. Back to normal (whatever that is) tomorrow.