Thanks for the sympathies and suggestions on Scott's allergy situation. And to be clear, yes, I would be willing to not knit wool for my kids so Scott can be near them until they're old enough that they can manage wool knits carefully (ie, remove them when they get home and learn to use a lint brush, haha). I would still knit with wool for myself and the rest of my family, though. I ain't crazy. And as Carole wisely suggests, we won't worry about future children's wool allergies 'til later.

Can you imagine, though, going to the doctor for a checkup and asking, "So... any way you can tell if the fetus is allergic to wool?" Innocent blink.

Or, being apprehensive about giving birth because it would be the moment of truth: allergic or not??? If the former, a whole 'nother kind of pain and post partum depression...

I was skeptical of suggestions for alpaca or finer fibers like cashmere, buffalo, quiviut, etc. But, I felt like I shouldn't just blow raspberries at you all so I brought a skein of alpaca yarn and a cone of cashmere yarn for Scott's touch test. Both passed! (Though shortly after, he did feel some tinglies in his hands, which he says may or may not have been psychological.)

The next test is to knit a small swatch and have him wear it. He's a good sport and willing to try. Who knows, there may be a lot of alpaca in this household soon.


On the Gram front, she's being moved to another assisted living place this week so we're all a little confused and agitated. We packed up some of her things before visiting today. 

From the website, the new place seems nice, and it caters to those with memory issues, so hopefully she'll be in good hands. I'm concerned that another move so quickly will throw her off even more; she's not quite settled into the nursing home as it is. Fingers crossed (which seems so inadequate a phrase, but I got nothing).

Going to Montreal was a nice break, but as soon as we got back, we felt guilty for not visiting. And today she was a bit emotional when she saw us. I'm trying to accept that we're doing a lot. Period. Without the niggling "but it's not enough" and "she deserves better" and "we should do more" thoughts that are so quick to follow. We're doing a lot. Period. It's hard.

More stash

I got me some JaggerSpun Zephyr laceweight in white, ebony and cinnabar*:

JaggerSpun Zephyr laceweight in white, ebony and cinnabar

and a cone of white in DK weight as well. You know. For all that dyeing I'm supposedly doing.

Here's a comparison of the laceweight vs DK weight:

JaggerSpun Zephyr DK & Laceweight

The ebony is for a rectangular shawl for my mom. I balked before on knitting a black lace shawl, but after seeing a few in blogland, I realize I am a big wimpering baby. I can do this. Without going blind. Without too much sulking.

Sand River

was blocked

Sand River - blocking

and is done!

Sand River

It blocked to just over 6 feet! I like-y. More pics soon.


I've got a few other exciting things to show you this week! And maybe some more stash.

What do you think:

  • too much stash = shock and disgust, or
  • woah, I'm jealous and now I gotta wipe my keyboard off but keep 'em coming

* Edited to add: The JaggerSpun Zephyr cones were purchased through a coop from Sarah Siegel, who has
an eBay store and a website. I have heard good things about her promptness and responsiveness.