I had a shocking realization last week.

Scott and I have been talking about, you know, when we have kids. Someday.

You all know that Scott is allergic to wool. He's very patient, understanding and supportive of my fiber habit, but it's always a concern:

  • I make copious use of two lint brushes for post-spinning, post-fiber handling, post-mohair-knitting, etc. I brush off my clothes, my chair, the sofa. After combing fleece or spinning for a while, I grab the Dustbuster and give the area a once over.
  • I rarely knit with mohair. It's too stressful. For both of us. At the sight of mohair or angora, Scott gets the heebie jeebies. At the sight of floating mohair fibers -- yeah, let's not go there.
  • In the fall and winter, as soon as I get home, I change out of my handknit sweaters and wool tops into fleece or cotton. So he can come near me.

Right. So I've known about the possibility of our kids being allergic to wool. Which would be very sad. Because I really don't like to knit with cotton. Because I love working with wool. I've known this, but figured I could always knit a few cotton and cotton/acrylic baby things. I could deal.

And then I realized: When Scott and I have kids, if the baby is not allergic to wool, I will still be knitting cotton and cotton/acrylic baby things. Otherwise, Scott won't be able to hold the baby! I know! No wool clothes! No wool booties! No wool baby blankets! As the Harlot would say, I need a lie down...

It gets worse. I was talking to my sister, who realized that if the baby is allergic to wool, I won't be able to wear wool clothing!

I feel weak.

Let's not talk about what happens to my spinning habit or my stash...

And if you come up with another realization along the same lines, by all means, keep them to yourself! I don't wanna hear it...

On the topic of baby clothes, here are some of the cute patterns in the 2 magazines I bought at Mouliné:

I love all of these:

from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2006
from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2006

And no. 8 and 11:

from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2006
from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2006

Scott likes no. 4, especially the flower:

from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2005
from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2005

I love no. 26 and 25:

from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2005
from Phildar Layette, Spring-Fall 2005

Can you stand it? Hey, I can still knit for other people, y'know.

And here's the interior of Mouliné as shown on their bag:

Mouliné in Montreal

It looks different; they've added more bookshelves or a wall that separates the back area into a real pattern area. But even in the drawing you can tell the mannequins have attitude.

I've been going a bit wild on yarn purchases lately... I don't know when I think I'll have the time. What can I say, I have trouble resisting a bahgain.

A few things from Wild String's closing sale (sad to see her go), all Cherry Tree Hill:

A few skeins of yarn...

Some Melange:

CTH Melange

Some North Cotton:

CTH North Cotton

And a shitload of Cotton Boucle:

CTH Cotton Boucle

The good news, no wool. The better news, $5 a skein (Melange retails for $24). The bad news, what the hell was I thinking buying so many single skeins??? Still, I see possibilities in combining the boucle yarns. And there were patterns for socks using North Cotton on the Cherry Tree Hill website. Anyone ever used it before?

Oh, and the bag they were in:

MDSW bag

My free MDSW bag that I got for volunteering. Forget to show it before. :)