We had a fabulous time in Montreal!

(Warning: You asked for lots of pictures. You did not specify what kind of pictures. You have been warned.)

The drive there (~6 hours) was uneventful. Once we crossed into Canada, it was nothing but corn fields and silos for miles (er, kilometers):

to Montreal: corn fields and silos

with the occasional tall Coke guy along the way:

to Montreal: big Coke guy

(and no, that is not me messing with scale, he was that big!)

Look, speed limit 100!

to Montreal: speed limit 100!

Kilometers. Man, as soon as you cross the border, it's all french, and kilometers, and totally alien. Look, they even use commas instead of periods like those nutty Europeans:

Montreal: crazy comma users

And along with 2%, they have 10%:

Montreal: 10%?

It was weird to see bookstores and newstands with so many French titles. But cool at the same time.

We wanted to be within walking distance of the city and sights, and that meant shelling out more bucks. Rather than pay too much for a Marriott Courtyard, we found an online deal and paid the same for the 4 star Sofitel Montreal: tres chic; modern; clean; friendly and helpful staff; a very nice place if yer splurgin'.

As soon as we checked in we scattered our things about and dove onto the feather duvet covered bed, ruining our chances for a nice photo. Ah well. This is the kind of place where, if you take a shower after checking in and then head out for a walk, your shower has been cleaned and towels replaced upon your return. It was kind of insane, actually. I could get used to that kind of luxury.

I did take a few photos the next day, after room service had tidied up.

Entrance with orchids, tea light and matches:

Montreal: hotel

double doors lead to the bathroom with rain shower (rain shower head is in the ceiling):

Montreal: hotel

(I loved having the swinging door and not dealing with a shower curtain.)

super big bed with feather duvet:

Montreal: hotel

(Too soft for our tastes. Can King size beds really be that much bigger than Queens? I felt like Scott and I were in different beds we were that far apart. I don't think I kicked him once.)

and a little living space:

Montreal: hotel

Very nice. I really appreciated not seeing those awful patterns you see on motel room bed covers. And lots of natural light when you wanted it.

We took a walk around the hotel, walked by:

Montreal: butter sculpture

this piece that looked like butter in the sunshine. Anyone know what it is? The people towards the back are sick or starving, the ones in front are looking towards the future, hope, destination.

We walked through parts of the Underground Mall, which was mindblowingly vast. Picture 5 malls, all underground, all interconnected. Throw in a few interconnected subway stations, hotels, movie theatres, etc. Now multiply the picture in your head by, oh, 100. Well, maybe not that much. But it was HUGE.

Dinner at a so-so place, where we had 2 beers each and walked back to the hotel. I loved that. Being able to have a drink and walk back. After leaving the city, we've left that convenient lifestyle behind as well.

And actually, I loved walking around the city. Downtown, Old Montreal, it was all very walkable. Loved it.

The next day, I saw this sign:

Montreal: Look! EA!

that looked just like the EA Games logo (Electronic Arts, I think?). We went searching for answers but all we found was Dunkin Donuts: 

Montreal: Dunkin Donuts

where they had weird romance novel teas:

Montreal: Dunkin Donuts romance teas?

I really didn't know what to make of it.

Outside we enjoyed the quiet and breeze, and took a few photos. This was a good chance to take some FBS-in-action shots, too!

Montreal: FBS

Montreal: FBS

Montreal: FBS

I even got one of Scott:

Montreal: chillin'

(he's so cute)

and one of us:

Montreal: awwww...

The weather was in the 70's, with strong sunshine and cool breezes, so the shawl was just the covering I needed to keep from being chilly. And, of course, I loved wearing it. :)

Tomorrow: actual photos of Montreal! Mostly Old Montreal. And the one yarn shop I managed to visit!