Last night I heard noises in the bushes outside the window, so I sent Scott to investigate. Turns out it was a skunk. For some reason, we thought it was a good idea to take its photo. We crept up on it but it shuffled off. Not fast, but fast enough. Do you see it?

skunk under the trunk

No? That bright spot under the car, that's it's eye. Thank goodness it didn't spray us.


It was close.

I knit the remainder of the row and had almost 2' extra yarn from my marked off thirds. Good start. I cast off the next half row and came up against the next marker. Not a good sign. By simple logic, I should be short 2' before finishing. 20 stitches before the end, despite your good thoughts and my wishful thinking, and just as I had calculated, I ran out.

I really wanted to keep the row, as it was the final decrease round and helped flesh out the edging. Plus, I was already leaving out 3 rows of the pattern. So instead of frogging back, I decided to cheat first.

Starting at the beginning of the row, I tightened up the stitches, one by one, all the way across, so that I had just enough to cast off. And by just enough, I mean a 2" tail to sew in. It took a long time, a lot longer than frogging and re-doing the row (twice) would have. But I wanted to be sure I didn't tighten up too much.

Unblocked, it looks okay:

FBS - edging

But blocked, it definitely doesn't have the scalloped edges of the original pattern.

FBS - not-so-scalloped edge

I know, can you believe it? I went ahead and blocked it! This is a record. Truly.

Look, it's a 2 board project!

FBS - blocking

The white board was something I built in my early twenties (egads, that's more than 10 years ago), out of foam core, thin black sticky tape-like stuff, and covered with that plastic sheety sticky stuff you put on shelves:

handmade blocking board, 10 years of loyal service

I spent a lot of time making the lines straight. Obviously, back in the day I was low on funds and high on time.

Look at all those holes, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it has.

FBS - blocking

White blocking board, you have served me well.

Anyway, I'll see how the shawl looks off the pins and wires and see if it's missing something. (I suspect it will.) If it does, I'll frog back a row or 3 and come up with plan B.

PS:  The yarn is Hand Maiden Sea Silk. Lovely stuff. I bought it half off at a yarn closing sale and resisted buying a second skein because of the price, and dyelot worries. I think it's fabulous for FBS or shawls in general, but if you want a full sized one, get 2 skeins.