I've been playing with silk on the wheel but I don't have a post ready yet. Instead, I'll show you an almost done FBS:

FBS - almost done!

Are you shocked? Knitting content?? Hehehe.

Man, I love taking photos of this yarn in the sunlight. Love love love it. But what's that at the top of the photo?

Why, all the yarn that's left:

FBS - not much yarn left...

As you can see, I'm mid-row on the wrong side. I guesstimated that I had enough yarn to finish the row and then one more after that. Maybe. I'm sure you've heard, it takes about 3 times the width of a piece to knit one row. Problem here, it's on circulars and I'm mid-row, so I'm not quite sure what a width is. Hence, maybe.

It might be just enough, or not quite enough. Either way, it's close. Of course, when you take into account bind off rows take more yarn... I could be screwed, right?

But I prefer to stay optimistic. And, I want to start another project. And I'm already at my limit of 24. Heh. One way or another, it'll work out.

Here's my view at lunch, and the (green) bench where I've been taking photos:

lunchroom with a view

I particularly enjoyed this view in the winter to chase away (stave off?) the winter blues. A dose of sunshine in winter goes a long way.