Thanks for the links to the calculators. Alas, I got them just a bit late. I knit on. With only 4 rows to go, it looks like I have enough yarn for 2 rows. Heh. So close. I want to use every last inch of the yarn so I'm going the improvisation route. If that doesn't work out, I'll rip back.


Did you know that these:


are t-shirts? Funky packaging, eh? These were from TechEd. They come out all wrinkly and accordian when you open them but they're nifty, brick-like and easy to tote around.

More random

We picked up the quilty coverlet thingie and it's been great. Except for the oppressive heat last night when we stripped down to just sheets, we've been working with only shared, communal layers. It's wonderful!

We never make our bed and it never stops raining around here so it'll be a while before I can show it to you on the bed. But here it is in the store when we bought it:

new coverlet

Just a bit more random

Is it normal to walk around stores like Target, Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot and the Dollar Store, and look at, er, scrutinize everything in terms of useability? For dyeing?

Goodbye, Jaywalkers.

Jaywalkers - goodbye

Your funky pooling intrigues and boggles, but you defy gauge on needles I own and I can't buy another pair of Addis for you. You're high maintenance, I'm cash poor. Except when it comes to yarn. Or fiber. (Didn't you see how many needles I own???)

Hello, handspun socks!

handspun socks

You're a lovely addition to my sock collection. Your irregularly spun parts remind me of those early days of butterflies when my Joy came home and endears you to me. Your mismatched stripes are charming. We'll do some walking come fall.

handspun socks

handspun socks
Finished: 6/5/06
Pattern: my own
Yarn: handspun 2 ply superwash merino, dyed by Paradise Fibers
Needles: #3 (?)
Notes: Love 'em. Not my best yarn, not my best socks, but coolness, they're pretty much my first wheel spun stuff and now they're useful.