Thanks for your great ideas and suggestions for bed sets. You guys rock! I've got a good list of new shops to try and am feeling cautiously optimistic. Seriously, that's a good thing.

A couple of notes:

  • I had no idea blanket piling was so common. I feel less freakish! Or, just as freakish, but in good company.
  • No down for us. I loved my down comforter until it wouldn't stop shedding. Like Allouette I (unhappily) plucked myself each morning at work. (Plus, Scott might be allergic to down.)
  • Ginny said, "Blankets make me sneeze!" Dude, what do you use???

Changing gears...

WIP Management

Way back in November I began a campaign to get my WIPs in order. I was swimming in WIPs and it was choking the creative breath out of me. I counted all my projects and was surprised shocked startled dismayed bewildered to find 67. projects. in progress. 67. Going back as far as '95. Too too many.

Thus was born WIP Management. The goal, to weed 67 projects down to 18-24 within 6 months, or by my birthday. Attainable and reasonable, given effort, focus and will.

I laughed (and inwardly cried) when I saw others beginning similar campaigns to get their out of control WIP lists down from 8 or 12 to a manageable 3 or 4. Or 1 or 2. Ha. Ha! You want to see a WIP list? You want to see unmanageable??? That's right, check out my WIP list. Oh yeah. Feel the... fear.

WIP Management posts appeared regularly until the Knitting Olympics squeezed it out of the limelight. Progress continued, however, steadily, surely. I resisted urges to begin projects on a lark. I discovered the wonder of project monogamy and marveled at the resulting finished objects. I examined the WIP list with an impassioned, practical eye, eliminated disasters, projects I had already subconsciously abandoned, projects that no longer suited me. I picked up forgotten projects, finished 10 year old socks, baby cardis that lacked buttons. I started -- and finished -- many projects as well.

Today, only a few hours shy of my birthday, I present the results:

WIP Mgmt Progress

Started with 67
 Missing projects added +3
 Abandoned projects -40
 Finished projects -28
 New projects +25
Final count 24

I made it!!! And I desperately want to start a few new projects, but I'm at the limit. Man.

Things I learned:

  • I get bored easily. (Duh.)
  • When I got bored I started a batch of new projects. Only 1 or 2 in each batch would get finished.
  • When I'm on a WIP Management campaign, I'm MUCH more careful about starting new projects. The projects I do start tend to get finished.
  • Pre-WIP Management, when the going got tough, I got going. Post-WIP Management, I try to make it work.
  • An -along with a deadline not only motivates me to finish a project, but also pushes my creative limits: eg, Knitting Olympics, Sockapaloooza
  • An -along with a deadline wears me out.
  • Spinning is an excellent diversion which allows me to play with many small and varied projects and thus maintain relative knitting monogamy.
  • Knitting takes a long time. Buying yarn does not.
  • I can't knit while spinning. I have a hard time knitting while watching foreign subtitled films.
  • 18-24 projects is still a lot of projects. It feels MUCH lighter than 67, though.
  • There are a handful of people out there juggling many many projects. Most are in the closet.