FBS is growing:

FBS - in progress

Supposedly, seasilk carries some kind of vitamin E health benefit that can be absorbed through the skin through wearing. I don't know if I'm just a skeptic, cynical or jaded, but it seems... well, farfetched is too strong a word, but you get what I mean. There's a part of me that's open to it, though. The part that believes in aliens and magic and telekinesis (even if I will never be able to knit by thought)*. Hey, if it works, that's great, I'm all for it. And if I have to believe for it to work, then I suppose much of it will be lost on me.

Whether or not it heals or restores, it does feel wonderful flowing through my fingers. I'm enjoying the fabric that's being created, the play of colors, the drape and stitch definition. Every few inches I stop to stretch it out over my lap to admire the emerging pattern.

* How many of you tried to move things as a kid?? Or more importantly, how many of you succeeded???