In the comments, Dianna said, "Your house must look like a fiberaholic's heaven! You are a temptress!"

Why thank you. :)

You should have seen my living room yesterday before I cleaned it. I should have taken photos. The big fiber basket by the wheel was overflowing (I could curl up in this basket), there was a pile of blue and purple merino I was spinning into laceweight, there was the bag of most of my dyed fiber from MDS&W, the bag of rambouillet and rambouillet/silk, the box of alpaca/llama that shipped with my wheel, the bag of cormo fleece, the corriedale fleece that I washed the other night spread out to dry, another pile of purples blue faced leicester drafted but not spun, and some random knitting projects on the sofa. Everywhere you looked, fiber. And that's not even my yarn room. I had to move a lot of it into the yarn room because, while Scott is very understanding and supportive, he is seriously conflicted. While he loves that I have all this fiber I love everywhere (seriously, he's happy for me because he'd love to have animals everywhere), the sight gives him the heebie jeebies. I'm trying to keep it down to the big basket and maybe a small pile of working fiber next to the wheel. It's so hard. Fiber migrates! It roams! It doesn't believe in borders or limitations. It begs to be admired. Petted. Imagined. Transformed.

*     *     *

At MDS&W, still glowing with the excitement of trying the 24" Cherry Schacht-Reeves, I called Scott and bubbled through an explanation of the experience and description of the wheel, how it would be my next wheel. Some day. Not now. Of course.

Says he, "Why don't you get it?"

Says I (in shock), "Uhhhhh, 'cuz it costs $1200. And I got 2 wheels in like 5 months."

Says he, "So?"

Says I (still in shock), "Weellll, what I really want is a drum carder. It might cost like $900."

Says he, "Oh."

Says I, "Wait, you're okay with me buying a third wheel now that costs $1200 but you're not okay with me getting a $900 drum carder?"

Says he, "The wheel looks cool."

See, it's the kind of wheel he thought I was getting when I said "I'm getting a wheel", and I've disappointed him. Twice. So buying a third wheel, as long as it's cool and traditional looking, fine and dandy. But a drum carder, not so cool and pretty darned expensive! Imagine that.

This is the same guy who has no problem paying $2500 for a huuuuge HDTV, but has almost insurmountable reservations about paying $13/month for TiVo.

Hmm. I'm beginning to wonder if I should have bought that wheel afterall.