Life is a bit hectic and probably won't go back to normal for a little while.

In good news, Gram is doing better. She fell several weeks ago, went into the hospital and then a nursing home where we thought she'd stay. But between a reduction in some medication and recovery from an infection, she's bounced back to better than she has been in months. She's moving around, she's not falling asleep, she's making conversation and jokes, she's a whole new woman. For now she's back at her apartment. It's good to see her doing better. She had a very sudden downturn for a while and now this sudden upturn. I haven't caught up yet! Thanks so much to everyone who sent well wishes and warm words, they were very much appreciated.

Here's the promised photo of the cormo fleece from MDS&W. Well, a lock. It's not the best pic; I'm still waiting for the sun to come out so I can take some more photos. Enough with the rain!

Cormo fleece

Have a great day!