Sign-ups begin this Thursday, April 20th at 6:00pm MST (8 pm EST?). We won't have a number cut-off this time but sign ups will be available for 48 hours only. If you won’t be around please have someone sign you up, 'k?

Noelle’s husband Cody is our tech guru and is creating an online registration form. Thanks Cody! Noelle has been hard at work setting up a blog where we can brag and share our dyeing woes and questions. We have a few guests who are dyeing pros who will share tips with everyone and be available to help with questions.

Some swap business:

  • PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE GOING TO FLAKE! Don't make us open up a can of whupass on you. ;)
  • There will be a choice on the registration form to sign up to be an Angel. This means you are willing to dye a second skein of yarn to replace a Swapper who had the nerve to flake out on us (the noive!). It’s nice to know we can contact someone to help us out if we need it. We're hoping we don’t need Angels but, you know, just in case.
  • Cody and Noelle have put togther a countdown timer so you know exactly when the sign up will start.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re really excited about the swap and already have over 100 people ready to play. Very cool!