I'm excited that there's been so much interest! Some more information about the swap:

  • We will give plenty of notice about when the offical sign up will be. Just keep an eye on one of our blogs and we will give you a 36 & 24 hour notice.
  • You will need to register to be a part of the swap. Just leaving your comment in the previous post does not ensure that you will be in the swap. We will need all of your information and that will be your committment to join the swap.
  • Beginners will be welcome. We will have two official groups. One will be the WTF am I doing group and the other will be for people who feel pretty confident in their dyeing skillz.
  • You may use any dyes as long as they are permanent and lightfast.
  • We will do international swaps. We will specifically ask whether you mind having an international pal or not.
  • We have had a lot of interest already and we may have a 100 person limit for this first round. We will let you know about this.
  • Finally, please do not sign up for this swap if there is even the slightest chance that are going to flake-out on us. We recruited Noelle to help with the organization of this swap and the 4 of us will not be very nice DYE-O-RAMistras if you don’t follow through with your committment. Most of you have probably been a part of a swap before and know that nothing sucks more than having a pal who doesn’t do what they are supposed to. Ya know?

So stay tuned for more details!

In other news...

Gram fell this week and as a matter of course went to the hospital. Nothing "serious" and she's been moved to the rehab area, but unfortunately she's too weak to go back to her place until she's better, and she won't be getting better. Most likely she will move to a nursing home soon. So... I'm not feeling my usual self, and may be posting less often. I will keep up with Dye-O-Rama updates and will be spinning and knitting as usual, but most likely less chatty and less present.