I was getting frustrated fiddling with the new wheel until I decided to just clean and oil the whole thing and start from scratch. That's what I did Friday night. Before our date.

We've been married 6 months and together for over 4 years and this is maybe our 6th date; we sorta skipped the whole dating thing and became a couple. A coupla what? Don't ask. (The date went well until the kids-who-don't-give-a-shit sat a few seats away in the movie theater. They talked, to each other and on the phone, and gave worn "whatevah"'s to angry "shhh"'s. I wanted to deck them. Instead, I stormed into the theatre lobby in search of theatre personnel, only to find it vacant. Grrrr. This is part of why it's been months since we've been to the movies. That and unemployment will do it every time.)

Fiddle fiddle, and inaugural plying, transforming Jacob singles:

Jacob singles

into Jacob 2-ply (ooh, aah):

Jacob 2-ply

I could feel parts were softer than others, where I had put in just enough twist. While plying, I worked to stay ahead of the twist, to maintain softness. It was a bit tough to see the yarn but somehow it came out better than usual. Here's a closeup:

Jacob 2-ply

Almost 4 oz on one bobbin without squishing, gotta love it. It's pretty much balanced, too. And the mini-skein plied with what was left on one bobbin was balanced as well. What a shocker.

In other shocking news, I started spinning the stripey number from yesterday and decided to do a sample card like June recommended:

Sample card

I've been referring to it often and have been adjusting my spinning accordingly. It really helps! When I first read her post I thought it was a fabulous idea, but I also didn't think I'd be trying it any time soon because I'm too impatient. I don't like stopping to switch hooks, never mind to switch hooks and compare my spinning to my sample. The thing is, I didn't want to "waste" this fiber. It's not precious or anything, it's just cool. And I wanted to make something with it that would be maybe as cool. You know? So instead of winging it and speeding through it, I decided to put concerted effort into it. I think it'll pay off.

Which reminds me. Despite the concerted effort and thought and sample card, I'm not sure what to do with it. I was thinking maybe socks, or maybe a scarf, since it's kinda thin for sock knitting (for me). Does superwash block okay in a lace scarf?

Oh, and by the way, this superwash is so silky. It feels fabulous!

PPS: The wheel rocks!