It shipped! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Last night Picovoli started here:

Picovoli - in progress

and ended here:

Picovoli - in progress

and that's with some frogging.

This project has been on the challenging side, but not so much frustrating. I knew what I was getting into, and I was up for it.

First, the pattern is written with negative ease for shapeliness. This is a good thing. The finished size I want is between pattern sizes. Not so good.

The yarn I'm using has a great feel and sheen and the color is magnificent. It is the red. Poifect. I'm not getting gauge. Not so poifect.

Before I began a single stitch, I pored over the pattern and figured out what was going on. I then calculated all the stitches, increases, decreases, etc, for the in between size. Finally I adjusted the new numbers based on my actual gauge, making sure I had the "right" number of stitches in the appropriate places (some guesswork here). You should see my notes, some numbers have been crossed out 7 or 8 times as I worked things out. Right. Time to knit.

From the start, I ran into a number of problems, most of which had to do with being tired. (Yeah, all those calculations will do that to ya.) Lots of frogging, forehead slapping, and head hanging. It took quite a while to get to row 7, but then it was smooth sailing until the beginning of last night. And I realized... my gauge in the round is different than my gauge swatch, which was worked back and forth. "Eh no" (think Phoebe from Friends). It happens to us all, eh? I debated, I hawed and hemmed, and decided to try it on. There wasn't much to try on, no armholes, just a big loop to lay over my shoulders. It was hard to tell, it seemed maybe fine, maybe a hair small. But workable. I had read that some people's Picovoli's tended to stretch a bit so being on the small side might be okay. I plowed on with the understanding that all those calculations might need to be reworked.

A few rows after the armholes, I tried it on again. Ouch, armpit pinching. Too small. I decided to add another increase round and figured the extra stitches should be okay. I thought of adding 2 increase rounds, but then remembered that it would probably stretch, and the last thing I wanted was a loose body.

Frog. Reknit. Try on. Better! Knit knit knit knit. Try on. Hey, not bad! The bust area is comfortably snug, not tight, not loose. It may stretch a bit with wear, who knows. The part from the armpit up is just tall enough. The extra 2 rows made the needed difference; I just hope it doesn't end up being too tight anyway.

I'm about an inch from the waist decreases. There will be more try ons and more adjustments, but it's all good. You wanna know why?

I'm a sale shopper. I buy yarns I like when they're on sale. Not for a particular pattern or idea. Just because. I. Love. Yarn. (You noticed?) What does this mean?

There are so many patterns I want to make but don't have yarn to match. There are so many yarns I want to use, but don't have patterns to match. It can get frustrating. Some yarns sit around for a while waiting for the perfect pattern written at the right gauge. Or for inspiration to strike.

But I'm beginning to accept this situation. This means: Using my stash requires creativity. Using my stash requires adjustments. This year I want to make summer tops before summer rolls around. I know, revolutionary, isn't it? There's Picovoli, a ChicKami, maybe the Honeymoon Cami, and the Bistro Shirt (though that's a whole other story). And there are yarns I want to use for summer tops that probably don't match any patterns I have. But I want to use them. To make this work, I'll have to be creative and make adjustments. Because you know I don't have any more yarn money. It's all going into fiber these days. I'm even selling stash so I can buy more fiber. Yup, it's like that.

So adjustments to Picovoli? No problem. Frogging and reknitting and frogging? No problem. That's what I have to do to get them summer knits. And I'm gonna do it. It's all good.