The back of Creamsicle T is done. I took a photo this morning but it came out very weird, part of the right side of the photo was on the left side and except for the very top it was all dark, dunno what happened, technology glitch.

Instead, I bring you photos of some holiday knits! Below are Scott's parents with Caribbean Flora Scarf, and Argyle Caddy on the special club:

Caribbean Flora Scarf Argyle Caddie

In other holiday knitting news, Linda's family absolutely LOVED the Esther Williams hat! She has some crafters in her family, and they were inspecting the construction, trying to reverse engineer it. I love that.

I miss my family. [sniff sniff]. When I was home over the holidays I found out my sister and niece both get tongue bumps like I do. It's genetic!

Special white dress shopping this weekend was productive, if exhausting. How can it be so tiring? I suppose there's a lot of emotional investment. I was amazed when I was shopping for my dress and again this weekend how different dresses look on the hangar and on a body. Some dresses that look boring or flat can look stunning and just pop when worn. It's also amazing how darned expensive they are. What the heck?? Shopping is not my forte to begin with so I struggled to find words to describe why this dress was not quite right, or what was good about that one. Mostly it was facial expressions and hand gestures accompanying words like "something about this part..." The front runner was simple, elegant, dreamy and flattering. Sometimes I can find the words. ;)