So the wheel thing. I was starting to think mebbe I should just get the Folding Lendrum. People are so attached to theirs, love the flexibility, the fact that it's made in Canada (I made that up). I started thinking that maybe I should just get the Lendrum. Finding someplace to try it and the Joy will mean a long drive... somewhere. But then the trusty Knitters Review spinners snapped me back to, and I'm back to probably Joy, but trying both to be sure.

Which means a drive somewhere.

Me: So, honey, feel like taking a long drive this weekend so I can try out a couple wheels?
Hubby: Sure, oh yeah, definitely, where we going?
Me: [musses his hair, what a good guy]
Hubby: You didn't answer my question, where we going?
Me: Oh, I don't know yet.
Hubby: Is it going to be far?
Me: [thinks] How far is too far?
Hubby: London-Wul [in New Brunswick, Canada; we're outside Boston]
Me: [chuckles] So anything closer is not too far?
Hubby: Yup.
Me: [chuckles]
Hubby: Does this mean we're making more than one stop?
Me: I hope not.

I loves my hubby.

Special Mayonnaise

I've been looking for a particular mayonnaise for a long time and was so excited when I found it. It wasn't on sale but I bought it anyway. It could have cost double and I would still have bought it.

At my last job, I love love LOVED the mayonnaise in the packets they had in the cafeteria. After I stopped eating in the cafeteria and started brown bagging, every time I was near the cafeteria, say if I'd forgotten my lunch, I'd secretively snatch a dozen packets, casually stuff them in my pockets or bag, and stockpile them in my desk drawer. Every day, turkey sandwiches with special mayonnaise. And every shopping trip, I despaired that I could never find it in the grocery store.

Until today.


Happy happy happy!!

Until... I opened the kitchen drawer to look at my last packet... and realized... it's not the same.

This is the special mayonnaise:


Heinz. Not Kraft. Rats.


Kiri ... is a little bigger:

Kiri - in progress

And I've also picked up Fair Isle Mittens, my oldest current WIP from back in '95:

Fair Isle Mittens - in progress

You can see why I couldn't just abandon it! Knit using #2 needles and JaggerSpun heathered 2/18 yarns in my own color combos; this is probably my earliest attempts at my own color work. It's slow goings, and I'll probably switch to using 2 circ's instead of the bamboo dpn's.

In bizarre news

I got like 20 calls today from some guy in Iran. He wouldn't stop calling. He didn't speak much English, he kept telling me his name, I think he even said "I love you" at one point. I was patient at first, trying to tell him "wrong number", then "please don't call" then "stop calling" then just hanging up as soon as it rang. He asked my name, which I wouldn't give. Dude, why are you calling me and then asking my name? Why do you keep calling me after I keep hanging up on you? WTF??? I checked the phone number on google to find out he was in Iran, more google searching to learn he speaks Farsi, yet more to find a few phrases. I tried "Na Farsi" (no Farsi) which only encouraged him. I tried "Goodbye. No Farsi. Goodbye." The phrase list was useless, only friendly touristy phrases like "hello," "what is your name," "peace be with you". They didn't list "stop calling me, "leave me alone," "what the ***". In the end I shut off my phone and gave up. WTF???