I'm battling serious startitis. Last night I was roaming, from yarn room to living room to computer room and back, trying to match yarn to pattern for a new sweater or top, knitting swatches. I really want to make a Bistro Shirt, but I probably won't be able to wear a sleeveless top for a while. I really want to use the Bamboo or Oasis I just bought, but those are probably going to be summer tops as well, maybe a ChicKami and Picovoli. I'm looking at some Jaegar sweaters, and then there's the sweater I've wanted to make combining these yarns:

Danette Taylor yarns for a sweater

While pondering all this, and catching up on some blog reading, I saw Adrian's finished Kiri, and noticed she had made hers out of Koigu KPPPM. I had been thinking about making a Kiri or Birch for a while, you know, hop on the bandwagon, and had secured 3 balls of Kid Silk Haze in a swap a few months back. Somehow the timing never seemed right. And, while the Yarn Harlot's been known to call it Kid Silk Crack for its addictive qualities, others have been less than impressed with the knitting experience, so I've been wary. I wondered what yarn from stash I could use.

And then this happened:

Kiri - in progress

That's the beginnings of Kiri using the KSH. It all happened so fast, I can't explain it. I think it started with, "Let's just see..."

The first few rows I wasn't sure about the combo. Thin yarn, big needles. But as the pattern emerged, I could hear the inner voice saying, "I like, I like." And the soft and silky flow through my fingers, mmmm, nice. It's still early; anything can happen. I hope it gets knit, though. It'll be beautiful. (At the same time, I know it would have to be gifted; Scott would get shivers just looking at it, and I mean the heebie jeebie kind, not the good kind.) 

Some finished items

Grey Cabled Socks Grey Cabled Socks

Grey Cabled Socks
Finished: 1/6/06
Pattern: Stahl Socka booklet #6, pattern #23
Yarn: Stahl Socka 50 in color #9444
Needles: #2
Notes: These only took me 9 years to finish, not too bad, hahahahaha. The first sock was finished 7/24/97. It was on the tight side, so I didn't start the second. I finally started the second sock a few years later, but was getting a very different gauge, so I dropped it. Last month, as part of my WIP Management efforts, I picked it up again and finally finished the pair. The second one is even tighter than the first, but once they're on, it's not noticeable. They're snug and warm, I've been wearing them all day, and I love looking at them. Well, I haven't looked at them much, but I love knowing that they look wonderful with their cabley goodness.


My Birthday Scarf

My Birthday Scarf
Finished: 1/6/06
Pattern: my own: c.o. 38 sts. 2x2 ribs ad nauseum.
Yarn: Danette Taylor 4 ply cashmere in Calypso, just over 3 oz
Needles: #5
Notes: I bought this cashmere as my birthday present to myself, but it took a while to make it to the needles, and then just as long to knit. 2x2 rib is not fun, but on the plus side, this yarn is so very soft and luscious, it's as soft as angora without the bits of fluff escaping, without the allergic reaction. If I were to do it again, I would probably add a few more stitches to make it just a bit wider. Otherwise, I love it.