I had a wonderful time in NC! Some of the highlights:

  • dyeing yarn with food coloring with my niece (photos to come), then
  • teaching her to spin on a spindle!
  • spending enough time with my nephew that he felt comfortable falling asleep in my arms and smiled widely whenever he saw me
  • drinking (too much) tequila and sake (no no, 2 separate nights) with my parents, sister and Scott (we all had never done tequila shots before, with salt and lime... technically still haven't, since we improvised and used citric acid)
  • going to my niece's school for lunch on her birthday, sitting in the cafeteria with all the kids and marveling at how many there were, how little they were, how chaotic it was and grinning like a kid myself
  • the slight change I felt in my family towards Scott: total acceptance into the family
  • feeling a little giddy realizing Scott and I were there as a married couple (hee hee)
  • seeing happy reactions to New Year's knit gifts (photos to come)!

Very slow internet access and plenty of auntie duties kept me away from the blog and much email. Bloglines shows 533 new posts to read. Meh.

When I got home, 3 packages on my doorstep! From Wild String (quick shipping and excellent service) during their 50% off sale:

Wild Strings sale - yarn 
South West Trading Company's Bamboo in Fiery Red and Tequila, Oasis (soy silk) in Passion, Infinity (soy silk, same weight/yardage as the Artisan Lace) in white; 1 skein of Artisan Lace in Wedgewood; Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock in Moody Blues.

The photo doesn't do the colors justice, the red is a deep, rich red, and the Artisan Lace is really lovely. I've wanted to try bamboo yarn for a while now but couldn't justify the cost. Half off and holiday money does wonders in the justification department! Also:

Wild Strings sale - patterns
Oat Couture's Bistro Shirt, which I've been wanting for a while, and Fiber Trends' Pacific Northwest Shawl; plus some free patterns to go with the SWTC yarn.

From a knittyboard swap with awesome swappee glccafar2:

Spin Off magazines
Spin Off magazines     yes, we'll let the silence speak for itself

And some extras. :)

And from Amazon.com, purchased using gift certificates (read: free!):

Knitting books
Wrap Style, Oddball Knitting, and The Knitting Experience : Book 3: Color

I gots lots of reading materials now, and lots of new yarns to dream with and fondle.

I was sick for most of the NC trip, I think I caught something in one of the airports on the way down. Burning sore throat, sinus congestion, aches, general icky feeling. Scott got sick too, poor kid. I was mostly recovered for my first day of work today. Still, a looong day, after being home for weeks. This will take getting used to. But, it's good to be earning and learning. I'm afraid the job will get in the way of blogging, though. For one thing, photos: early morning light is kinda crappy. For another, less time and less brain. For those who were wondering how I found time to do it all, now you know: no job, no kids.

Thanks for the comments while I was away, particularly tips on plying and wheel selecting. I also received a couple of comments/emails from people who don't feel so bad about their WIP list after seeing mine. To this I say: Hurrah! You know I realize there are limits; that's where the whole WIP Management thing comes in. But, there are enough things to feel bad about.