Gone. Gone is the cavalier, devil-may-care, no worries, plenty of time, delusional attitude. It's the 17th, just a week to go! What am I doing, dyeing fiber and plying like it's November? Finishing old WIPs, knocking off baby sweaters and socks started almost a decade ago?? It's crunch time! Time to focus, suck it up, get it done, crank out, produce, create, KNIT!

Anyone else feeling it? Anyone???

Last night, while installing software and watching Scott install my operating system, I worked on a golf club cover. Yep, a gift. I don't know how practical it is, but there are people making money doing it, and it's going to someone who already has everything they need, and I don't know what else I could make them. It'll have an argyle top, which will have been knit at least three times before being done. I can say this with certainty as it's already been knit and frogged twice. Argyle, in the round. Yeah.

Attempt 1: stranding. Blech. Bumps in the fabric.
Attempt 2: a technique new to me, "Seamless Intarsia" from Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets. Essentially, you knit back and forth but twist your yarns such that your fabric looks as if produced in the round. No seams, no stranding. It's quite cool, but takes some getting used to. Plus, attempt 1 convinced me to add an extra stitch in the pattern, which isn't needed in the Seamless Intarsia method. Hence, froggy frog frog.
Attempt 3: third time is the charm, right?

I'd love to show you a photo of it in progress, but I don't have any of that software installed yet. Kinda annoying, actually. I'd love to show you a photo of the Sapporo Imported Premium Beer that will surely make Attempt 3 the charm. 22 oz. Hmm, maybe beer and intarsia in the round is not such a great combination?