So long, Cat's Paw Shawl. I wasn't ready for your lacy loveliness. You and your JaggerSpun mates are waiting for the perfect project, waiting to be useful. Perhaps one day, we'll meet again.

Cat's Paw Shawl
1/15/96 - 11/28/05

Farewell, Crocheted Shoulder Bag. I ran out of steam before I could finish you, and now I can't find you... I just don't crochet anymore, it's nothing personal. Though your cotton was tough on my fingers, you would have been a good, sturdy bag.

6/24/96 - 11/28/05

Auf Wiedersehen, Beige Moebius Shawl. You just weren't the right color for me. I couldn't find the right reversible pattern to make you sing. And I think I have a moebius curse, I haven't made a successful one yet.

Beige Moebius Shawl
'98 - 11/28/05

Goodbye, Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover. What the hell was I thinking? I wanted to be adventurous with color, to break out of my boring single color garments, to be wild and free. I tried too hard. Ouch.

Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover

Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover

Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover Colorful Checked (Striped) Pullover
11/15/97 - 11/28/05

Goodbye, Purple Rollneck. So long. Farewell. You were one of those ill-fated boyfriend sweaters, and though you're mostly done, you are fated to the frog pond. It's too bad, so many stockinette stitches later... you did keep my lap warm that winter. Goodbye.

Purple Rollneck Purple Rollneck
2/8/01 - 11/28/05

Week two:
Started with: 61
Abandoned: -5
Finished: -4
New: +2
Current Projects: 54!