Had me some Macallan 12 year whiskey last night. I get bouncy and happy when I drink. If I'm sad, I get VERY sad. If I'm not sad, I dance, laugh and sing. If I drink too much (that's about 3 drinks), I get sleepy and lie down on the kitchen floor.

Made it to the Knitsmithy today! Wore my Hourglass Sweater so if I can't get my act together to get a photo of it on me you can see it there in a few days. What fun seeing what everyone else is making! Met Alison of the blue blog and Dani of Knitting Sunshine. I'm almost over the strangeness of knowing so much about someone else and their knitting without having met them.

There were wild turkeys in the front yard this afternoon. I love seeing them wander around these parts. Seeing deer and fox is cool, but wild turkeys, that travel in packs and can fly, it just tickles me. Didn't know they fly?

Wild turkeys 9/30/05

Wild turkeys 9/30/05 Wild turkeys 9/30/05

The photos are from Sept. I am especially happy to see them after Thanksgiving.

Blocking Catharina Rose

gray la gran asked how I blocked the middle section. The pattern increases from one triangle to two and stays the same width while the rest of the shawl grows; it is bordered on each side by a line of yarn overs. I wanted those lines to be straight, so I left the blocking wires in for the whole shebang. While I measured some of the other parts, I eyeballed the rectangle, so it does look a little smaller towards the top, hehe.