Goodbye, Wedding Afghan. Any project with "Wedding" in the name that has languished for more than 3 years just isn't meant to be. You were bold, you were beautiful, you would have taken too long to crochet. You were sadly replaced by another afghan; replaced, but never forgotten.

Wedding Afghan
7/6/96 - 11/21/05

Goodbye, Gold Cotton V-neck Sweater. Though you were begun in the late '90s, your name says it all. You were a child of the '80s, and that time has come and gone. You would have been cosy, and comfy, "but I see your true colors shining through".

Gold Cotton V-neck Sweater Gold Cotton V-neck Sweater
7/3/97 - 11/21/05

Farewell, Red Vest. It was a crush, a fancy. I'm just not a vest kinda girl. We didn't spend much time together but you were a luscious red, and so soft. Take care.

Red Vest
'98 - 11/21/05

First Sweater for Scott, it's so hard to say goodbye. You came home with me from Webs before I knew how particular Scott is. You were solid, but so heavy. You unraveled on me more than once. And when I didn't know how to handle you you became so clingy! I stuck through, I'm not a quitter; but no matter how I try, it's just not working out.

First Sweater for Scott
1/04 - 11/21/05

Striped Softy Hat, mea culpa. You were my first hat knit without a pattern, before I realized hats need negative ease. You're so soft and snuggly, without a hint of wool! Your colors are great and your texture so interesting. You will make a lovely scarf some day. Goodbye, Striped Softy Hat.

[Striped Softy Hat is MIA]

edited 11/26/05: found the bugger, he was hiding in the winter accessories bin! Don't let the picture fool you, he's enormous.

Striped Softy Hat
12/12/04 - 11/21/05

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