Gram's sock is doing well:

Gram's sock - heel turned

I think I will knit another coupla inches then put it on string (so she can try it on) and start the second sock.

Meanwhile, I finally spun up the Kool Aid dyed roving. Not at all how I expected it to turn out, but I kinda like it:

21: Kool Aid dyed merino

For all my restraint, I think I put too much red in there after all. Or, too regularly. Plied it looks so different, almost like a tweed. Will have a pic for you tomorrow.

I also spun up the other half of the blue Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester.

22: Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester

It's purty. I had problems with it last time, and now I think it's because it was a little felted. I spent several minutes prepping this half and did a lot better. Methinks I may be bandying spinning jargon about, but that's my assessment.

Still waiting on that roving... the one downside to online shopping (besides the whole color issue) -- for all its instant gratification, much patience is required.